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Sculpting = Moulding/Shaping + You + Strong = STRONGER and BETTER athletic version of yourself + MultiSport = Multiple endurance sports like Swimming/Cycling/Running/Triathlons/Duathlons/Aquathlons.

Sports and fitness are just a subset of Health. At SculptingYouStrong MultiSport we believe that good health is of utmost importance while you play the sport. 

Our training philosophy is based on the fact that an athlete's potential is made up of -

Quality Movement

RAMP Warmup

SMART Physical Training

Mental Toughness

Adequate Nutrition

Quality Sleep

Working on Movement-MindSet can help you

Perform Better

Better Body Understanding

Hit Your Fitness Goals more efficiently

Optimal usage of right muscles, joints and tissues reduces energy wastage to make your efficient and faster athlete.

Having better body understanding during racing helps tackling race strategy with sudden changes in surroundings.  

It's not about woring harder. It's everything about working Smarter with right efficiency.

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Discover the range of programs designed to help you achieve your endurance goals. From personalized running coaching to sports-specific strength training, we have everything you need to sculpt a stronger you.


Changing the coach is one of the most difficult tasks an athlete can ever experience. Even I had a similar feeling as I started training with SculptingYouStrong MultiSport just 30 days prior to a marathon. And the coach made sure that my decision was right :) 
He is extremely patient when it comes to understanding his trainees and their goals. I think thorough knowledge of training, a good experience at hand and a big heart make Tushar a great mentor. If you are looking for a person who would understand your goals, and guide you to achieve them, Tushar is the right person :) cheers to our year-long relationship and looking forward to achieve many more goals with you :) cheers!

Vaibhav Kapadi

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