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I am Tushar Bhangale , Founder & Coach at SculptingYouStrong MultiSport. Not long ago, I made a decision that changed my life forever, which was to quit my corporate job after having served over 10 years. During my corporate career, there was lots of uncertainty in terms of time availability which left me with an improper schedule which lead to incorrect sleeping patterns, poor sleep quality and quantity, increased stress levels, less energy at the end of the day, no time for self care, no time for own health, bad eating habits with no proper meal times, frequent corporate parties, overeating, cravings often times, and these are to name just a few. This became increasingly frustrating to me due to my unconditional passion for the sport of triathlon which I was not able to give much of my time to. Needless to say, I chose my own health & passion over a job that was not serving me anymore.


My Fitness journey actually started from the year 2006. Enjoying various sports of Hardcore trekking in Sahyadri mountain ranges, Rock Climbing, Maratha Martial Arts, I then got exposed to Cycling expeditions in 2015 and then slowly after that to running, swimming which then got converted into Triathlons. Triathlons and mountains have taught me many things in my life that I follow religiously and I definitely know what works for me best through the years of experimentation. Most of all, this has taught me how to survive, how to live my one life & how to respect nature. And because of the huge impact that this sport has had over my life, I wanted to share this with others & began my journey of coaching triathletes.

Few of my personal achievements are:

  • Podium finish at Wada duathlon at 3rd position

  • Podium Finish in AG Goa Swimathon 2019

  • Podium Finish in AG PowerPeaks Swimathon 2021

  • Competed in IRONMAN 70.3

  • Completed many SPRINT/OLYMPIC distance triathlons with one (Chennai Triathlon the very first triathlon in career) finishing in first top 10 

  • Completed few Half marathons, few 10k Races, few cycle races

  • Completed Manali- Leh - Khardungla pass –Leh Cycle ride

  • Inter Goa 350KMs Cycle ride

  • Ganapati Pule-Gateway Of India Cycle ride 350KMs 

  • Completed many local long distance cycle rides

And Many more...


To follow my passion, I decided to get educated in the field of sports science, completing my studies over a period of 5 years (although I consider myself a lifetime learner & make it a point to learn everyday).



  • Triathlon Coach (International Triathlon Coaching Association)

  • Marathon Coach (American College of Sports Medicine)

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach (American College of Sports Medicine)

  • Heat Illness Prevention (NFHS)

4 years back, I started coaching others to guide them through structured scientific training approach to help improve their performance in Triathlons, Running , Cycling, Swimming events & that lead me to establish my own MultiSport Coaching Academy with the intention to help others and take them to the top end of their sport.


Coaching Credentials:

  • Coached more than 40+ athletes till date

  • Coached few trail runners to compete and finish at podium 

  • Coached numerous long distance runners to improve their performance and achieve their personal records

  • Coached few cyclists to achieve their respective performance enhancement goals

  • Coached few triathletes/duathletes to uplift their performance

I have 2 different fundas & they are fairly simple, you have only one life & health always comes first in comparison with anything in your life span. You can not enjoy your life's different aspects without having a good health. With health i don't only mean just going to gym, there are many aspect to it. Remember, you spend now on your health, enjoy your life and everything else will come, provided you put in efforts OR you keep ignoring your health now with all the excuses in this world and have an opportunity to spend that on hospital bills & medications later in your life. Choice is yours.


To grow in your life in any field (not only restricted to your work, can be anything), have the ability to put some efforts, time management, setting boundaries for yourself & willingness to learn throughout. Mind my words that can get you to heights one day if you keep working patiently. 

So keep learning, be in a good health and enjoy the life.


And that’s me. If you wanted to know more, give me a heads up here on messages and i will be happy to chat with you.

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