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Swim easy, Cycle skillfully, Run effortless

If you are looking for someone who will help you set some realistic performance oriented goals + train you to achieve your goals in an efficient manner, while understanding your constraints & obstacles in your daily lifestyle, you’ve landed up on the right page.


A computer science graduate & a corporate dropout after serving the IT industry for almost 10 years, I decided to follow my passion and live life on my own terms despite the discouragement from people around me.


I spent a few years educating myself in the field of my interest & learning the science behind the techniques and methods of training to improve performance in triathlons & other running, swimming & cycling races. In my coaching, I try to make these concepts as simple as possible to help you learn techniques and methods of training that will improve your performance & also educate you in the right direction so you never make the same mistakes again & you have more clarity on what works for your body.


Train with Tushar

Do you want to run a race performing at your best, without any injuries or post run fatigue that eats into the rest of the week?


If this is you, work 1:1 with me to level up your performance in your sport, learn the techniques, methods and strategies used for racing & ultimately see sustainable changes in your lifestyle that will help you in your daily life and also further racing with better performance.



To help educate, train & guide triathletes all over the world to improve performance.


1. Quality of service

To provide and focus more on the quality of training rather than just focusing on quantity of  training

2. Communication

​To communicate required feedback and things to discuss to get to a solution whenever necessary while keeping athletes accountable for what they are doing.

3. Passion

​Passion towards sport 

4. Commitment

​Commitment towards sport 

5. Education

​To educate athlete on required things about sports science which they must be aware of to  get most out of their training.

6. Goal setting

To help athletes set their respective goals which are measurable and realistic.


7. Training for the right races with the right (mindset)

​To educate and coach athletes on developing appropriate mindset towards racing.

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