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About US

Our unique health-first holistic training helps runners and triathletes unlock their potential, perform injury-free sports and achieve sustainable results.

Our Story

Explore the SculptingYouStrong MultiSport's story, a journey of passion, perseverance, and the joy of unlocking athletic potential.

Filling the Void

Our founder Tushar has always been a passionate and dedicated athlete, starting from his college days. An athlete’s lifestyle soon became the very fabric of his identity, a ‘way of living’.

Tushar started his journey in 2006 with exploration of endurance sports such as long endurance trekking in the Shyadris, Rock climbing, and Maratha Martial arts. This soon evolved into a passionate pursuit of long-distance cycling, running, and the ultimate challenge of Triathlon.

While pursuing his journey and pushing boundaries as an active athlete, he encountered a stark reality – a huge gap in access to quality and scientific training for Triathletes and Runners in India.

He turned to fellow athletes with more experience for guidance. The idea was to learn from what they did right and how they tackled challenges.

However, he soon realized that this was a valuable yet imperfect source. The exchange was based on individual experience and accumulated wisdom of observation, often lacking the accuracy of a scientific approach.

The other source Google, with a limitless supply of information, proved to be overwhelming and confusing without leading to specific solutions.

The frustration grew, and Tushar realized that he was not alone! Many of his fellow athletes shared the same struggle.

The lack of personalized, scientifically grounded coaching resulted in frequent injuries, a lack of recovery strategies, and an overall sense of confusion for these athletes.

Many of them, disheartened, gave up their passion for an active athlete journey.

SculptingYouStrong MultiSport - A Solution Arises

The challenges faced triggered some deeper research and hard thinking on Tushar’s part. After all, he was not going to surrender and give up on his passion easily. On the contrary he decided to take the challenge head-on by being the solution himself.

He embarked on a transformative journey of becoming a scientifically trained coach and being the guiding light.

He armed himself with formal scientific training to become an Internationally Certified Coach for Triathlon, Marathon running, and strength and conditioning. Tapping into the wisdom of international experts, he became the embodiment of the solution athletes craved. After educating himself he spent more than 5 years researching the field of sports science by working with experts from various areas like Athletic Coaching, Strength and conditioning, nutrition, physiotherapy, sports science, masseurs & Biomechanics having some of international mentors working in the industry over 2 decades for athlete development of some finest athletes.

In 2016, SculptingYouStrong MultiSports came into existence with an endeavor to coach athletes through structured and scientific training. With this approach, SculptingYouStrong MultiSports aims to unlock every athlete’s latent potential in endurance sports such as Triathlon & Running.

SculptingYouStrong MultiSports’s philosophy is rooted in a health-first approach, recognizing that endurance sports excellence is a journey, not an overnight miracle. Our inspiration lies in transforming the lives of athletes with the power of scientific guidance and education.

Our mission extends beyond individual triumphs. SculptingYouStrong MultiSports aspires to create and nurture a community of like-minded athletes and coaches united in a shared pursuit.

Welcome to SculptingYouStrong MultiSports, where every stride is a pursuit of your personal best!

Our Guiding Principles


Our purpose is to make a positive social impact by prioritizing health-first approach in sports.



Our vision is to create a sustainable sporting and healthy lifestyle amongst the thriving community of triathletes and runners.



We are on a mission to empower 10,000 runners and triathletes to unlock their true potential by staying injury free.



Our health-first coaching delivers injury-free sports and sustainable results.



  • Excellence – we pursue excellence in training.

  • Sustainability – we focus on long-term sustainable results.

  • Well-being – we prioritize overall health & well-being of athletes.

  • Passion – we are committed towards injury-free sports.

  • Persistence – we are persistent in our training and our athletes’ progress.

  • Community – we build a supportive & inspiring community of athletes.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our health-first philosophy redefines your athletic journey by placing health at the core of it.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational athlete in endurance sports, our ultimate goal for your sporting journey is to enhance your overall performance. We recognize that good performance and true potential gets unlocked with good health.


For us, good health is an overall approach which extends beyond the absence of illness & diseases. It encompasses the holistic well-being, quality movement, healthy lifestyle, and living stress-free.


We at SculptingYouStrong MultiSports believe that incorporating lifestyle transformation impacts your athletic journey – it achieves health-first goals while keeping on track with your sports goals.


It’s a commitment that goes beyond the norm, requiring an extra effort that distinguishes you from the rest of the community. This commitment, however will yield rich fruits – a positive impact on your overall well-being, work-life balance, and overall health.


It will result in unlocking potential through patience, perseverance, and resilience – qualities that are the not just the keys to survival, but to thriving in endurance sports.


SculptingYouStrong MultiSports’s focuses on initiating lifestyle change encompassing training for sports goals, emphasizing quality movement, maintaining a nutritious diet, prioritizing quality sleep, implementing effective recovery patterns, and stress relieving techniques.


In essence, our commitment to a health-first philosophy is a commitment to your enduring success  and unlocking your true potential.

Milestones so far

  • Scientific Coaching to 100+ athletes

  • Coached a few trail runners to compete and finish at the podium

  • Coached numerous long-distance runners to improve performance and achieve their records

  • Coached a few cyclists to achieve their respective performance-enhancement goals

  • Coached a few triathletes/ duathletes to uplift their performance

  • Technique refinement and education for many long-distance runners, triathletes

  • Injury rehab training for many athletes

  • Conducted numerous workshops to teach various sports science concepts 

  • Sports Science Educator & Speaker at various endurance sports events

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About Head Coach

At the helm of SculptingYouStrong MultiSports is our esteemed head coach Tushar, an internationally certified coach in Triathlon and Running and an athlete.

His journey traces back to 2006, where his pursuit as an endurance athlete began during college days, soon evolving as a way of life.


Beginning with trekking in the Sahyadris, rock climbing, and Maratha Martial arts, his adventurous journey extended to the rhythm of long-distance cycling, running, and the ultimate challenge of Triathlon.

In his own touching words, “Triathlons and mountains have taught me many things including survival, the essence of living, and the deepest respect for nature.”

As he traversed this journey, he experienced the joy of learning from his experiences and higher levels of energy in day-to-day life.

Amidst the corporate job demands, he faced the challenge of a hectic schedule, compromising on his fitness regime, eating habits, sleep, and overall well-being. Frustration started to increase as he could give little time to his beloved Triathlon.

He took a crucial decision of transitioning from a full-time corporate role to a full-time commitment to his passion of being a Coach. Not a single day goes without he pursuing his passion.

For him, sports isn’t just a recreational activity, it’s a way of life. He believes that staying injury-free, fit and healthy measures up to taking charge of one’s life.

Motivated by the transformative impact of sports on his own life, he embarked on a mission to share it with aspiring athletes. His coaching venture began as a conscious effort to give back to the community that shaped him.

In his own words,
“I have been living and breathing sports science for 8 years now and have spent many hours in doing a deep research in the field. Coaching is an art that requires an understanding of sports science. It’s a different profession from being an athlete. To excel in coaching, one cannot simply apply personal experience or Google knowledge to others.”

Coaching Qualifications

  • Triathlon Coach (International Triathlon Coaching Association)

  • Marathon Coach (American College of Sports Medicine)

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach (American College of Sports Medicine)

  • Heat Illness Prevention (NFHS)

  • Mentored by 2 time Youth Olympics Coach

  • Worked with some of the finest professionals from various sports professions (Sports Physios, Masseurs, Strength & Conditioning Experts, Nutritionists, Individual Sports Technique analysts, Triathlon/Running coaches working with World Triathlon athletes, Movement Experts, Yoga Therapists) to enhance the performance of the athletes

Athletic Achievements

  • Podium finish at Wada duathlon in 3rd position

  • Podium Finish in AG Goa Swimathon 2019

  • Podium Finish in AG PowerPeaks Swimathon 2021

  • Top 10 finish at Chennai Sprint distance Triathlon 2016

  • Competed in IRONMAN 70.3

  • Completed multiple Sprint/ Olympic distance triathlons

  • Completed multiple half marathons, 10k races, and cycling races

  • Completed Manali- Leh - Khardungla pass – Leh Cycling ride

  • Inter Goa 350KMs Cycling ride

  • Ganapati Pule-Gateway Of India Cycling ride 350 Kms

  • Completed many local long-distance cycling ride events

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