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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online coaching and how does it work?

It is the training system that allows you to train at your convenience with access to a coach. You select your place and time to train and do the workouts.  You will get your workouts in a digital format with all the necessary descriptions  & demonstrations to make you understand. If you have questions, you have access to a coach to discuss them quickly via email/Whatsapp depending upon your package. If you need more information, get in touch on the contact details provided in the contact section.

What if i have queries in given workout ?

All your queries will be answered by the coach via email/WhatsApp.

What if I quit in between 3/6/12 months?

Ensure that you are joining after giving thought to all possible aspects. There is no refund if you decide to quit after joining.

What if i have less time availability?

Don't worry, I take the inputs from you to plan your training based on your lifestyle constraints so you don't feel it a burden to exercise even if you have less time availability. You will be also communicated about the minimum time requirements according to your training goals before starting.

What If I Need Time Off for “Non-Medical Reasons?"

Consistency in training will only bring the results. If you train a year and then took a break of 3-4 months for anything , you will be loosing your fitness & have to restart from scratch almost. In your time off , to keep your fitness levels maintained, your plan will be discussed with you and adjusted as per your preferences to the activities/tools/time. Connect with coach on this. However there won't be any extension or pause of plan. 

What is the difference between Coaching and Training Plan?

Training Plan is a written workout detail with relevant details needed. However, Coaching on the other hand goes much in deep covering an entire aspect of high-performance training. It includes working on mindset shifts, lifestyle changes, discussion with the coach, technique sessions, learning throughout the process by the power of observation and discussion to find out solutions to different problems, and many more.

It's more of executive coaching that changes the entire game provided guidelines are followed.

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