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EnduraMax: The Ultimate Strength Training Program for Runners

Are you a runner who wants to improve your performance, prevent injuries, and enjoy your running journey?

If yes, then you need EnduraMax, a sports-specific strength training program for runners.


EnduraMax is a unique program that focuses on building strength for running. It covers various types of strength components needed for running, such as unilateral training, balance & coordination, power, and more.


EnduraMax is designed by a certified coach who has over 8 years of experience working with various athletes over the globe for Running, Swimming, & Triathlons. He will assess your current fitness level, goals, and sports needs, and create a personalized program for you.


You can choose to join EnduraMax in either face-to-face or online mode. Both modes include weekly live sessions with the coach who will teach you how to move correctly during the exercises. You will also receive the rest of the week’s training plan online consisting of exercises taught in the session.


By following EnduraMax, you will see amazing results in your running performance and health. You will:

  • Lose fat and gain lean muscle

  • Improve your running speed, stamina, and technique

  • Feel more confident, energetic, and happy

  • Achieve your running goals and dreams

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Why EnduraMax?

You might be wondering why you need EnduraMax when there are so many other strength training programs out there.

The answer is simple: EnduraMax is different from other programs because it is specifically tailored to the needs of runners.

Running is a complex sport that requires more than just core strength. It also requires strength in your bigger muscle groups as well as some of the running-specific muscles which are often neglected due to unawareness. It requires strength that is functional, dynamic, and sport-specific.


Many strength training programs fail to address these aspects of running. They either focus on basic strength work in gym settings or bodyweight exercises that do not incorporate the specific needs of running. They do not develop the right kind of strength with the movement patterns demanded by running.

This can limit your running potential and increase your risk of injury.

EnduraMax solves this problem by providing you with a comprehensive and holistic strength training program that is designed for runners. It helps you build strength for running in a way that enhances your skills and techniques, prepares you for the physical demands of running, and gives you a competitive edge over your opponents.

How EnduraMax Works


EnduraMax works by following a simple and effective process:

  • Assessment: The coach will perform a thorough assessment of your current fitness level and goals.

  • Program Design: Based on the assessment results, the coach will design a personalized program for you that includes strength work that is tailored to your current fitness level and sports needs.

  • Program Delivery: You will receive your program online. You will also get access to weekly live sessions with the coach who will teach you how to move correctly during the exercises.

  • Program Execution: You will follow the program diligently and perform the exercises as instructed by the coach. You will also track your progress and provide feedback to the coach regularly.

  • Program Evaluation: The coach will evaluate your progress and tweak your program accordingly at regular intervals and depending on your consistency and other factors. He will also perform fitness tests before and after the program to measure your improvement.

  • Program Support: You will have telegram support during the week in case you are stuck somewhere.

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What People Say About EnduraMax

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our happy clients have to say about EnduraMax:


I was a beginner runner who wanted to run a half marathon but struggled with injuries, lack of coaching, and poor performance. I did not know how to train properly and build strength for running. I joined EnduraMax, a sports-specific strength training program for running, and that transformed my running journey. I lost 30 kg of fat, gained 10 kg of muscle, improved my speed, stamina, and technique, and achieved my dream of running a half marathon. EnduraMax changed my life and I  recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their running performance and health. Being a doctor myself, I have never seen a coach who is so well versed in the anatomy of the human body, and biomechanics which applies to the training.

- Priya 


I am an experienced triathlete who had completed several triathlons but wanted to improve my timing. I had plateaued in my performance and felt I needed a new challenge. I also suffered from frequent injuries and muscle soreness. I joined EnduraMax, a sports-specific strength training program for triathlon, and boosted my performance in all 3 sports and health. I gained 5 kg of lean muscle, reduced body fat percentage, increased power, and endurance, and improved my technique. I improved my timing by 15 minutes. EnduraMax helped me break through the plateau and achieve my goal.

- Raj

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

How to Sign Up

Are you ready to join EnduraMax and take your running to the next level?

If yes, then don’t wait any longer. Sign up today and get started on your journey to running greatness.


Signing up for EnduraMax is easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Click on the signup button below

  • Read, fill in the details of the form, and submit it

  • Pay the fees

  • Your entry is confirmed


In case of any queries, email by stating the program name and mode you want to sign up for. Without program details, your queries won’t be answered as we are unable to figure out which program your query is for.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for EnduraMax today and unleash your running potential.

Face to Face Personal Coaching

1 * In-person face-to-face coaching session weekly

Only you are in the session

INR 4000/- per Month

Minimum 3 months Commitment needed

Face to Face Group Coaching

1 * Group face-to-face coaching session weekly

Max 10 people in the batch

INR 2000/- per Month

Minimum 3 months Commitment needed

Online Group Coaching

1 * Group Online coaching session weekly

Max 10 people in the batch

INR 2000/- per Month

Minimum 3 months Commitment needed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of this program?

The duration of this program depends on your goals and needs as an athlete. If you are looking for long-term strength gains and skill development for your sport, you should consider this program as an ongoing one that requires consistency and dedication. However, if you want to develop a well-rounded strength profile that covers all the types of strengths listed in this program, such as maximal strength, explosive strength, reactive strength, and endurance strength, you should aim for at least a year of training. This is because each type of strength requires a different training stimulus and adaptation period, and trying to achieve them all in a short time frame can be counterproductive and risky for your health and performance. Therefore, the duration of this program is flexible and adaptable to your individual situation and preferences, but we recommend a minimum of one year for optimal results.

2. I wanted more details about the program. What is the best method to connect?

Here are the entire details of the program -

Program Details

Sign Up Form

I request you to go through these where I have covered all the details.

If you still have any queries, I am happy to answer all of your questions before joining and you can book a 15 min call with me here.

3. Is the program better suited for only beginners?

This program is very well suited for both beginners and experienced runners.

4. Is a Telegram user id mandatory for enrollment?

Absolutely! If you're not currently using Telegram, no worries - you can simply install it for the duration of the program and then uninstall it later if you don't plan to continue using it. This will help ensure smooth and efficient communication throughout the program, as all communication will occur exclusively through Telegram and email.  

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