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Sports-specific Strength Training Program

Our sports specific strength training helps endurance athletes prevent injuries and unlock their true potential.

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Program Overview

Our Sports Specific Strength Training is a unique program that focuses on building strength for endurance running. Its designed for runners seeking performance improvement, injury prevention, and who want to enjoy their running journey.


This program focuses on various types of strength components like unilateral training, balance & coordination, power, and more. Its developed by our internationally certified coach, who has over 8 years of global expertise in running, swimming, and triathlon.


Customized to your fitness levels and goals, this program offers both face-to-face and online training modes, featuring weekly live sessions with the Coach and a personalized training plan for the rest of the week.


Athletes will see remarkable results, including fat loss, lean muscle gain, enhanced running speed, stamina, and technique. You will feel more confident and energetic, and will be able to achieve your running goals.


What makes our Sports Specific Strength Training program unique is its specificity to runners’ needs, addressing running-specific muscle groups often neglected by generic strength training programs.


This program provides a holistic training approach that aligns with the physical demands of running, unlocking an athlete’s full potential and giving an edge over competitors.

  • 12 weeks of the sports-specific strength training program

  • Pre and Post program fitness test

  • Personalized attention and feedback to every athlete

  • Optimal training for muscles engaged in sports specific movements as per anatomy

  • Strength training is comprehensive covering balance, coordination, unilateral training, power, plyometric, endurance, and more

Overcome Challenges

Optimal Sports-specific strength movements – learn correct movement patterns customized to the sport’s needs and train optimally for the respective muscles, joints, and tendons.

Access to quality training – free yourself from the pain of inaccessibility to quality training resources and lack of appropriate training awareness.

Confusion due to information overload – break free from the noise of community advice, peer inputs, and online content that leads to no clear direction.

Our Sports Specific Strength Training program helps athletes overcome these challenges by providing training on the correct movements for the specific exercises that mirror the movement of the sport and build strength in the targeted muscles.

Benefits & Outcomes

With our personalized Sports Specific Strength Training program, enjoy the benefits of injury-free sports, quality movement, improved fitness levels, effortless race finish.

Experience tangible outcomes – get faster, and go the distance. 

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

What People Say About EnduraMax

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our happy clients have to say about EnduraMax:


I was a beginner runner who wanted to run a half marathon but struggled with injuries, lack of coaching, and poor performance. I did not know how to train properly and build strength for running. I joined EnduraMax, a sports-specific strength training program for running, and that transformed my running journey. I lost 30 kg of fat, gained 10 kg of muscle, improved my speed, stamina, and technique, and achieved my dream of running a half marathon. EnduraMax changed my life and I  recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their running performance and health. Being a doctor myself, I have never seen a coach who is so well versed in the anatomy of the human body, and biomechanics which applies to the training.

- Priya 


I am an experienced triathlete who had completed several triathlons but wanted to improve my timing. I had plateaued in my performance and felt I needed a new challenge. I also suffered from frequent injuries and muscle soreness. I joined EnduraMax, a sports-specific strength training program for triathlon, and boosted my performance in all 3 sports and health. I gained 5 kg of lean muscle, reduced body fat percentage, increased power, and endurance, and improved my technique. I improved my timing by 15 minutes. EnduraMax helped me break through the plateau and achieve my goal.

- Raj

3 Months Program
Rs. 6,000
  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is an art to develop athletes from their current state to their goals and dreams. It is guidance provided in terms of sports science by an expert which has to be executed by the athlete. Coaching is more of listening to give solutions than just instructing. This has to be both ways between athlete and coach. It doesn’t restrict to only Training Plans and Socialization in the form of group activities. Coaching has a lot to do with feedback systems and communication.
  • How does online coaching work?
    In today’s expanding world, it is difficult to find the right coach within your vicinity most of the time. Online coaching exposes you to a variety of options worldwide. It is the training system that allows you to train at your convenience with access to a coach. You select your place and time to train and do the workouts. You get your workouts in a digital format with all the necessary descriptions & and demonstrations to make you understand. Athletes and Coaches communicate using preferred digital modes available and set within the coaching system. To perform any technique analysis, athletes shoot videos as instructed and share them for coaches to analyze and send inputs/instructions to act on.
  • What is your approach to training?
    I believe a lot in understanding my athletes before I start planning for them. So my process consists of extensive analysis initially where I try to gain as much information as I can to help understand the lifestyle, current health, sporting history, and many more things. Once analysis is done, athletes are taken through extensive baseline tests to understand their current fitness. Post which the plan is curated and delivered to athletes weekly where weekly analysis is performed by the coach and feedback is provided based on that. I always put health first before training because unless you have good health, you can’t achieve anything in performance. Your technique is analyzed quarterly. At the appropriate stage when I feel some coaching is needed for an athlete on a certain topic, I don’t see whether calls are offered as a part of the program or not if that is needed for my athletes. Another factor I emphasized during my training is movement quality.
  • What's Your Communication and Feedback Process?
    Athletes receive feedback weekly upon analysis of the uploaded data to let them know where they need to work more and take action to make their execution more effective. This feedback is provided either via Video messaging or a quick 30-minute call as per the use case. Regular communication happens via Telegram, Email, or WhatsApp whichever is preferred.
  • What is the location and schedule of group sessions with a 1-1 coaching program?
    All sessions are held in Balewadi Stadium located in Pune every Wednesday & Friday 7-8 AM. Wednesday - Cycling Friday - Running
  • What are the minimum requirements to start triathlon training?
    You should at least have the ability to perform the following individually but at a stretch: 400 meters proper freestyle 15 mins cycling 15 mins run
  • What If I don’t know how to swim but still want to attempt triathlon?
    You can surely do that, however, your first focus should be learning to swim. Without knowing how to swim, it is difficult for you to build triathlon endurance as well as get exposure to Open waters since you are not confident in your freestyle stroke in the pool in this case.
  • What's your experience and background?
    I have been breathing endurance sports science for more than 8 years now after investing 5 odd years of my life into educating myself and research in the field thereafter. I am fortunate enough to have my extraordinary mentors with whom I also had opportunities to work with some of the finest professionals in the industry across borders. Find more detailed information about me and my experience-
  • How do you tailor training plans to Individuals?
    By performing detailed individual analysis I first understand the athlete and his/her surroundings as well as conditions with the history well. This is then followed by baseline fitness testing is used to understand their current fitness. Combinedly all this information is used to curate the program for them, having the right intensity and volume of the training which is around their existing lifestyle.
  • What do you envision for your Athletes?
    I envision that all my athletes train and race injury-free by keeping health at the core of their training up the ladder.
  • What if I quit between 3/6/12 months?
    Ensure that you are joining after giving thought to all possible aspects. There will be no refund if you decide to quit after joining.
  • What if I have less time available?
    Don’t worry, inputs are taken to plan your training based on your lifestyle so you don’t feel it a burden to exercise even if you have less time availability. You will be also communicated about the minimum time requirements according to your training goals before starting.
  • What If I need time off for “non-medical reasons?"
    Consistency in training will only bring results. If you train for a year and then take a break of 3-4 months, you will lose your fitness and have to restart from the beginning or at least go back to a point. This is a waste of your efforts and time you already have invested. In your time off, to keep your fitness levels maintained, your plan will be discussed with you and adjusted as per your preferences to the activities/tools/time if you prefer to do so.
  • Do you provide a nutrition plan?
    My scope of work is limited to exercise regimes. However, I do provide nutrition guidance based on the nutrition approach for pre, during, and post-race nutrition along with the daily food. The approach will not state the specific foods or quantity of them but will teach you how should you eat, when to eat, etc.
  • Which city you are based in and what is the training location?
    We are based in Balewadi, Pune. However, the location is not a limitation for our athletes as they are all over the world and training for years with us. So our system allows anyone to sit in any corner of the world and train.
  • What are the age criteria for your training?
    We work with people from 30-55 years. However, If you are not within the range, we can come up with a customized solution for you. Just reach out.
  • What are your fees?
    All our pricing is listed on our website against each of the program under "Services". You can check for the respective program for which you are seeking pricing. In case you still have further queries, don't hesitate to reach out.
  • How can I talk to someone from the team?
    Please fill out this form so that we can guide you better. The form is just understand your requirements On submitting this form, you will be presented with a calendar to book a call with us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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