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Client review - Vaibhav

Changing the coach is one of the most difficult task an athlete can ever experience. Even I had a similar feeling as I started training with SculptingYouStrong MultiSport just 30 days prior to a marathon. And coach made sure that my decision was right :) 
He is extremely patient when it comes to understating his trainees and their goals. I think thorough knowledge of training, a good experience at hand and a big heart makes Tushar a great mentor. If you are looking for a person who would understand your goals, and guide you to achieve them, Tushar is the right person :) cheers to our year-long relation and looking forward to achieve many more goals with you :) cheers!

Vaibhav Kapadi


I have been training with SculptingYouStrong MultiSport since 2016 for various sports (Running/Cycling/Swimming/Triathlon/Duathlon). Tushar trained me for many HMs and 10km races which I have won. While training for my first Triathlon Ironman 70.3 Goa, I started as noob at swimming. With the help of him from Nov 18, by Mar19 i was able to swim 1km with satisfactory technique. During this swim training the different workouts given by him helped me to improve my technique. Since i was good at cycling, our main focus was to improve my power. The methodologies that he applied helped me to improve technique and efficiency which resulted in pb in 90km ride in IM 70.3 without use of aerobars & cleat setup. Since tushar is training me for running from last 4 years he knew my strength and my weakness. He gave me cadence based runs/drills which improved my avg cadence to 182+ spm which helped me to minimise the fatigue level. Happy to say that during Ironman 70.3 training i was completely injury free and successfully finished my race in good timing. Some of my stats are 10Km 46:20 mins, HM 1.42, Ironman 70.3 goa 6:28:20 after joining him. I highly recommend this guy for your  goal oriented training.

Aditya Parab


I have been training with SculptingYouStrong MultiSport since 2016 for Rock climbing, Trail running and Duathlon.
The coach laid out the plan such as to make it user friendly, attaching video tutorials as well as do's and dont's for every exercise routine. Pre workout warmup sessions and post workout cooldown and stretching sessions were mentioned in an elaborate manner. Apart from all this, whenever I got stuck upon some exercise/ routine, he was always available to resolve my doubt.
I have seen notable improvements during climbing after working on my weaker left hand. Being a professional mountaineer I had a Himalayan climbing expedition in the third quarter of 2017 which was intimated just before 3 months and specific schedule towards this has shown it's results during the expedition. Immediately after 1 month I had a duathlon. Transitioning smoothly as per the given plan I bagged the first prize in competition. I have also reached to finish my 5k in 20 min with his training.
If someone is looking for a versatile coach, I highly recommend SculptingYouStrong MultiSport for best results.

Vishwesh Mahajan


I have attended one of the one day running workshop that SculptingYouStrong MultiSport did on running technique. I felt good and can see improvements in running after incorporating the things. Appropriate usage of Stride Length for runs was useful for me during practice and the event day. Some Warm-up steps helped me before starting any running practice and event days too. Because of attending running workshop pains in different parts of legs was disappeared. Overall i am very happy to have attended this workshop and definitely recommend SculptingYouStrong MultiSport for anyone wish to work on their regime.

Mathusoothanan Venkatraman


I joined SculptingYouStrong MultiSport roughly 6 months ago for swimming (to learn from scratch) and Triathlon. The coach is very enthusiastic, motivating and knowledgeable. He connects with my training needs, strives for better technique balanced with overall fitness. His love for the sport carries through with each engagement. He really listens to your needs as a person and as an athlete. Great coach and a wonderful human being. Thank you SculptingYouStrong MultiSport.

Manoranjan Mishra


My association started with SculptingYouStrong MultiSport from 2017 for running. Coach Tushar has specialized knowledge in Running , Cycling , Swimming, Strength & Conditioning. I initially reach out to him to improve my running form but he not only helped me to improve my form but also advised me on endurance , strength training & nutrition guidance. When I was having very nasty IT band injury, he corrected my running postures , forms & suggested lots of running techniques ,stretches & exercises. I liked his explanation techniques & continuous follow-up sessions. Now it’s been 3 years I am associated with SculptingYouStrong MultiSport & I got amazing results in my HM & Marathons. Here are my few running stats after joining him 10K in 48 mins , 21K in 1:45 mins & 42K in 3:53 mins. Inspite of this , he is an amazing person & he is great sounding board. If you really want achieve good results then I strongly recommend SculptingYouStrong MultiSport.

Amit Borole