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Crossing the Finish Line

Customized Training plans

Not interested in 1-1 coaching?

But want to train for a triathlon on your own with someone just helping you to lay down a plan to achieve your goal in scientific way?

You have landed on correct page.

Who this is for - 

-Those seeking to train on their own

-Those who understand what works for their body well  with proven experimentation from couple of years of experience playing around the things

-Those who are seeking someone just to lay down a scientific plan which will help them reach their goals

If you fall in this category, tell me your goals and few more stuff and I will lay down a plan for you as per your goals.

How this works - 

-You apply for training plan 

-Answer few questions via online forms

-Your training plan is laid down and sent to you alongwith detailed instructions and a audio note explaining entire training plan within few days

- You go through the training plan and send in any queries which will be answered via text/audio note for detailed explanation.

Requirements -

Either a power meter or heart rate monitor will be required to lay down cycling activities for this plan. The use of both is encouraged.

An indoor trainer is not required for this plan, but some workouts will recommend using one to better measure performance and remove outside factors like traffic, hills and wind.

If you have a smart indoor trainer that measures power, you can use it as your power meter for this plan.

**The above requirements are for cycling only.**

In case there is no availability of Power meter or Heart rate monitor for cycling or running, training plan will be based on effort level i.e RPE scale.

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