Crossing the Finish Line

Customized Training plans

Not interested in 1-1 coaching?

But want to train for a triathlon on your own with someone just helping you to lay down a plan to achieve your goal in scientific way?

You have landed on correct page.

Who this is for - 

-Those seeking to train on their own

-Those who understand what works for their body well  with proven experimentation from couple of years of experience playing around the things

-Those who are seeking someone just to lay down a scientific plan which will help them reach their goals

If you fall in this category, tell me your goals and few more stuff and I will lay down a plan for you as per your goals.

How this works - 

-You apply for training plan 

-Answer few questions via online forms

-Your training plan is laid down and sent to you within few days

- You go through the training plan and list down the questions and set up a 60 mins call to discuss any queries