Looking for a Race Day CheckList ???

Triathlon is all about planning and implementing it in a right way. On the similar lines, when we go into the race, just before leaving our home there are few things needs to be finished. And that is what this article is for.

Triathlon being fairly new to Indians ( some still don’t even know what the sport is), lots of things needs to be understood. Of which one is race day checklist. Just before leaving your home, you have to ensure that you have carried all the stuff required for your race so that there won’t be any last minute hiccups out there on the race venue on the race day.

So here is a quick and extensive check list that I have prepared considering beginner to advanced level athletes for both national and international races in terms of Triathlon or Duathlon. You can modify this by removing whatever you don’t have or don’t plan to use in race. However you can do this only for optional items which will be marked so.

Please note that this does not cover any stay or practice at race venue for 1-2 weeks prior. For that you can add things as per your needs.

Swim -

  1. Swim Cap (Just for practice purpose before event day, Use event cap to avoid disqualification😀)

  2. Swim Goggles

  3. Triathlon Suit or Triathlon Short

  4. Wet suit (For cold water temperatures, Check if it is allowed for event)

  5. Timing chip provided by race officials

Cycle -